Raspberry Meringue

Some colors just make me happy (especially on a blah day like Wednesday), like the ones below, rasberry and snow white!

Jacket, top and pants made by me; Toni Bianco Shoes; Vintage Bag.


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    • Oxana

      Hi Lorena, thank you :) and yes, I totally agree with you about the amount of black NZ people wear, it’s so sad really! I went to a party the other day and almost all girls wore black and layered, and it wasn’t themed… they’re all 23-24 years old but dress as if they have something to hide already.
      I had a look at your website and it’s fantastic, especially illustrations!

      p.s. I’m from Russia :)

      • Lorena

        Cheers :)
        Hello neighbor!- I’m half Romanian :) I was not 100% sure if you are form Russia :)
        Yup no style at all just layers of black, wide belts, no femininity. I am glad I am leaving NZ.
        Thanks for stopping by my blog and illustrations.
        Have a lovely day.

  2. Jess

    You MADE your entire outfit? That is amazing…I always wish I had the skills to make my own clothing – or at the very least tailor pieces that I buy! Lovely outfit, the colors are gorgeous and I want your jacket! :)

    • Oxana

      Hye Jess, thanks and i reckon you should just try doing as well, it’s all about trial and error with sewing :) skills come with time, patience is what you really need :)

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